quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2008

Fast food shops urged to go healthy as children continue to choose chips

The Scottish Government is being urged to encourage fast food shops to offer healthy options in a bid to help tackle child obesity. In a survey of 146 14 to 16-year-olds the Scottish Consumer Council (SCC) found that more than 50 per cent leave school grounds to go to surrounding shops for lunch. Its report, published today, revealed in rural, large town and new town areas pupils go straight for pizza, chips, chocolate and crisps for their midday meal. The watchdog has asserted a new meals strategy that reaches beyond the school gates is needed. It also found that students in this age group eat outside of school for choice, to get away from noisy canteens and for social reasons. Following the study, the Council is now appealing to locals shops to stock healthy alternatives. SCC chairman Douglas Sinclair said: "These are young adults learning to make important decisions about their diet and they need help to make the right choices. While the key to improving lunchtime choices for Scotland’s teenagers is about supporting them with the information about good food and healthy eating, the Scottish Government and local councils have to play their part as well. "Surely this is an opportunity for local retailers to offer healthier 'on the go' options at affordable prices for the young people who make a positive choice to eat away from school."

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