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Seduction Techniques Or How to Seduce a Girl

There are many techniques pick up artists have developed to seduce women. Badboy, a PUA from Croatia, starts a date every time in a cafe, then goes out and passes by a store where you can buy ornamental fishes. He tells her he wants to have a look and finally he buys a small one. Outside the store he tells her that's absolutely necessary to take the fish to his place as he has an aquarium. Of course the aquarium is in his bedroom...The next day he brings the fish back and the game begins anew.
Badboy holds the view that dominance and self-confidence are the biggest key factors to seduce a woman. And as about 90 % of the success depends on your body language, your tone and timing, you have to master those areas first. Only a strong and coherent body language can demonstrate confidence. Women are attracted to confidence as it indicates a high status. And we all know that women are highly attracted to status.
Actually, nothing impresses a woman more than social status, the fact that other people (not only girls) like you (= social proof). So, how do you demonstrate your social status? The easiest way is to talk to as many people as you can. Go to the DJ, shake his hand and say "Nice music!", ask the barkeeper something or simply meet new people using openers. Smile and laugh a lot, it will have a positive effect on the people you're talking to. Keep in mind: Standing alone in a corner with a beer in your hand watching all the other people having fun is the lowest status you can demonstrate. So, be social.
Later, you can walk up to your actual target and start a conversation. She will like to get to know you (but normally you will already get to know a lot of women opening "sets").
You think she is too busy talking to someone to notice that you are such a cool (social) guy? As if! Women notice in seconds who's the center of attraction on a party and who's the loser nobody's talking to.
For example you can come up with: "Hi guys! I have a quick question for you - who lies more, men or women?" It's a topic everyone likes to talk about and nobody will shut you down on this one. The tricky thing with this "opener" (a question or statement you start a conversation with) is that you need to explain why you are asking. So say something like "I read a female magazine (at the dentist) today and they did this study. Me and my buddy are arguing about it all day..."
For more good openers, I can recommend the e-Book called GuyGetsGirl (the cool thing about it: there is a 60 day money back guarantee).
Inside, you also will find some tips on how to read women's body language, the ten commandments to win over a woman and much more. Did you know that if she touches (or plays with) her hair or her neck/ ears she's probably interested in you? That if she puts on her lipstick right in front of you on a date it doesn't mean she wants you to kiss her?
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