quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2008

Masturbation Introduction:

Masturbation refers to touching one’s own genitals for sexual pleasure. Mutual masturbation involves either people masturbating in front of each other, or bringing each other to orgasm by touching each others’ genitals. Masturbation is a normal, healthy behavior that most people do at some point in their lives (male and female) – although some never do. It is normal if a person does, and it is normal if a person chooses not to masturbate. Masturbation, even frequent masturbation, cannot harm a person physically or psychologically, unless it were to replace normal, daily functioning (for example, if someone were to stop going to work just to stay home and masturbate). Masturbation can teach people how their bodies respond to sexual stimulation, and they can share this information with a partner to enhance their sexual relationships. Some people do not understand when their partners continue to masturbate even when they are in a sexual relationship with another person. In addition to providing information about masturbation, therefore, this channel also discusses how masturbation may or may not fit in to a committed relationship – and how partners can discuss conflicting feelings should they be present.

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