sábado, 30 de agosto de 2008

Gynecological Concerns Introduction:

This channel deals with the vulva and vagina, and maintaining the health of both. The vulva is the external part of the female genitalia, or what can be seen with the naked eye when looking at a woman’s genitals. This area includes the mons, labia minora and majora (the small and large “lips”), the clitoris (whose only function is sexual pleasure), and the opening to the vagina. The vagina is a “potential space” inside the body into which a finger, tampon, penis, or any other object can be inserted, and through which menstrual blood flows and babies are delivered. Gynecological health is of utmost important to a woman’s overall health and well-being. To that end, it is recommended that women see a gynecologist once a year for a pap test, breast exam, and a discussion of any symptoms that involve her reproductive and sexual systems.

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